Back to UAE, Paalam Pinas!


No, it’s not me who’s leaving the country. It’s my husband who is due to work in Abu Dhabi.

Hopefully, things will turn out good for both of us despite the distance. We’ll be spending our last two days with family before he departs for UAE. Much as we would like to visit close friends, we are already pressed for time as his flight is on Saturday. Will you cover him in your prayers so that the travelling mercies of the Lord will be upon him?

Paalam muna sa iyo hon. May skype at calls naman. After a year, we’ll see each other again. Pakuha ka ng selfie dyan sa Aldar HQ building ha. May God be with you and may you find favor in your work there. ♥


A Year’s Worth of Togetherness

Last July 2014 marked the homecoming of my husband from Dubai. It has been more than a year now that we are physically together here in the Philippines. We’ve gone back to doing simple pleasures together like dining out and doing the weekly grocery. He has fixed things in the house being the handyman that he is. His presence added the joy and laughter brought about by his funny, amusing ways.

But all these and more will come to a halt momentarily. Unforeseen circumstances in his current job brought about a change in plans that he has come home for good. Reality bites! Though he intended to find new employment locally, the opportunities can be found where else but in the overseas.

So the decision has been made. For our family’s future’s sake, the sacrifice has to be faced courageously but prayerfully to be apart all over again. Perhaps, this time around, things will be a bit easier for us. If there’s any consolation, his unlimited contract allows him to come home every year. That’s something to look forward to.

May the goodness and mercy of the Lord be upon us as we embark on another challenge in our family life…God bless everyone!


Simple Pleasures

I was a complicated person when I was younger. Maybe it was because I think too much a lot. Or perhaps it was because I put meaning to everything I experience before. Somehow, growing up and being with someone I love who tempered my character changed me in many ways.

Just like a while ago. I declared today is a worry-free day for me. This happens very seldom in my life before. So, this new outlook calls for a celebration. My ever supportive and affirming husband treated me to the simple pleasure of eating out and shopping for some Christmas gifts. Eating out is actually not the treat here. It’s eating out and shopping with the one I love.

When we got home, I wrapped our gifts which gave me the simple happiness that Christmas brings. Actually, it is sharing whatever blessings we have that gives me true joy.

I married a simple man who taught me to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Transformed Me

Exactly two years ago, I decided to leave the school where I am working back then due to family and health reasons. Time passed by swiftly. I did not notice that my life has changed into another season and of another color and dimension.


That time, my husband also left for Dubai to work. I moved in back to my parents’ house for convenience and security reasons as well. I am not a person with great adjustment skills, so at the start of the changes that happened to my life, I was sleeping my way through the days that pass by. I slept more than the usual dose just to drown the loneliness I feel being apart from my husband. I was usually left alone at home and the isolation I felt seemed to be shouting at me everyday.

Then tragedy happened in 2013. My mom had a car accident. She decided to retire from her work in school. Yet another change happened to me. I suddenly had company at home. But more than that, I had someone to care for until she got on her feet again and started to walk again.

I felt that those two years transformed me in many ways. I began to be more comfortable with the idea of the rest that the Lord has promised me. I learned how to humbly serve my family and I became more tolerable with their unique personalities and idiosyncracies. I learned how to be more domesticated and I say this, with all positivity and pride. I took up blogging as a hobby and as a tool to inspire people.  I even became more vocal about my love for my husband though the blogs that I share. God has indeed a special way of using my time apart with my hubby to prune me and let me grow in the different areas in my life.

I’m picking up the pieces again. I’m in a different ball game now. I’m walking the road less travelled, so to speak. But I’m deeply enjoying the journey. I don’t know if I’ll be back with my career. But for now, I’ll savor every minute of the many surprises that life brings me.

Two years has passed. I feel as though I am entering a new season in my life again. Few months from now, my husband is coming home already. I can’t wait to be with him all over again. He will be meeting a newer, better version of me and I hope he’ll love me even more for it.

Change is good. I thank the Lord for the changes He’s brought into my life. May you also be sensitive to what the Lord has been doing in your life. God bless everyone! 🙂


1, 7, 13, 25, 40, 60, 90

No ,they’re not numbers in a mathematical progression series. These are the ages I deemed to be critical in one’s human development. These are the ages I’ve also seen right before my very eyes.

Age 1 and 7 are childhood milestones. Age 13 is indoctrination to puberty stage. Age 25 is when you relatively start a family and career. Age 40 is when you’re supposed to become more stable in life. Age 60 is the waning of your life and work capabilities. Age 90 is when you become dependent on the adult people in your life. (If you are fortunate enough to reach that ripe old age.)

agingThe aging process stared right me in the face when I, together with my husband, lived away from my parents. I only see them once a week when we visit them. And was I surprised at how quick they’ve aged physically. They had more white hair. More wrinkles were showing. Their faculties of seeing and hearing were dwindling. Right then and there, I realized, my parents are aging.

I, too, would go through that same stage, if God wills it to be so. But how do I stay young at heart, despite me getting old? Perhaps, the best thing I’d do is for me to still engage in the things I love doing. Walk in the park with my husband. Savoring the simple joys in life. Mingling with younger friends. Reading a good, stimulating book. Having a regular haircut and manicure / pedicure / foot spa date with my salon friends who would still keep me looking pretty and awesome. 🙂  Eating healthy and having a good night’s sleep. Praying to the Lord Almighty to keep me in the pink of health.

Growing old need not be a dread. Gracefully, I can face aging as long as I know I have aged with wisdom. Not worldly wisdom, but the wisdom that only God can give.

Post in response to Daily Prompt: Young at Heart



Lately, I’ve been finding myself staring so long at my phone’s calendar every night before I fall asleep. It’s becoming a habit, I know. I’m waiting for the months to unfold. And I want it to unfold quickly.

As I’ve mentioned in my past post, July is a red-marked month for me because my husband is finally coming home after two years. Our Skype conversations now revolve on what our day-to-day life would be if we were together again.

Who would cook breakfast? What dinner do we prepare? When do we go to the grocery? What time would he come home from work? And the list goes on, however, boring the task may be. But boring is fine with me as long as I’m with my husband. We can make it special just by being with one another.

I know this feeling of anticipation wouldn’t go away until he’s finally with me. 🙂




Growing in Love with my Best Friend

4Not all are given the one chance to have a best friend and a lover at the same time. It has always been my heart’s desire – to be best friends first before becoming lovers. I’ve always believed that the strongest foundation of marriage is the solid friendship built by the man and woman in the relationship. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced all these and more with my best friend and my lover – my husband, no less!

It all started when I attended worship service in our satellite church. I’ve just come out from a broken relationship and was not ready to enter into another commitment. I decided it was just my time to serve the Lord. Little did I know, that someone out there was already observing me from a distance. Until one time, I began seeking assistance from this Logistics guy who would always help me put up the mats in the Sunday School room. I was a Sunday School teacher back then. And so this Logistics guy would always be around during Sundays. I began seeing him moving about the church, fixing the place, ensuring that everything’s in order in the sanctuary. Turns out, this Logistics guy will be my husband around 7 years later.

Our first, real encounter when we had our real, unhurried conversations was when we went to a church retreat. Everyone else knew each other. However, we did not have any groups to go to, that’s why we were left with each other to hang out.  He asked for my number during that retreat. And that’s how it all began. And the rest, they say, is history.

Best friends are there for each other, through thick and thin. They share laughter and sorrows. They know the inside out of each other’s heart and soul. They share deepest secrets without fear of being judged. They enjoy life’s simple pleasures together. They encourage each other to be the best person one can be. They love and accept each other no matter what. And that’s the way we were.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It was friendship first. And I’d always like the phrase, “I grew in love with him.” The friendship was nurtured until it blossomed into love.

I’m glad I grew in love with my best friend.


Photo credit: Kimberly Chan Hung and Gary Albano



Age is a Stage

The Daily Post of WordPress states, “No matter how you shake it, it happens to all of us: we grow older. As our age changes, so does our perspective. This week, we’re asking you to take a look at those little numbers that often mean so much.”

So, here’s my take on how I perceive those little numbers – our age! In poetry form. 🙂

I thank my Psychology and Family Life and Child Development professors for giving me insights on the stages of human development.


Age is But a Stage

When I was but an infant,

I relied entirely on my parents

When I became a toddler,

I tested the limits of the adults in my life.

When I became a school-age child,

I looked up to my teachers.

When I became a teenager,

I listened more to my peers rather than my parents.

When I first fell in love and met my romantic self,

All my world revolved around my love.

When I entered the workforce,

I learned to play the career game with my boss and co-workers.

When I decided to settle down and get married,

I vowed to build and secure a family.

When I became an adult with elderly parents,

I began to assume their then parental responsibilities.

When I became an elderly myself,

I relied again entirely on my adult child to care for me.

Life is but a cycle. Age is but a stage.

I will come back to where I come from.


This post is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years


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Open Up My Womb

“It takes time for seed to come up. You don’t expect carrots to come up the day after you plant them, do you? Pray now for tomorrow’s needs.” – Marilyn Hickey on Make Your Day Count

HPIM1471I was looking for inspiration when I came across this passage from the book my friend gave me. Suddenly, it hit me. I may be a wife of nearly three years already. But I am not yet a mother. The closest thing I have become is being a second mom to my preschool students before. But being a mother to my own child is a different matter altogether.

For those years that I have been married, my husband has only been physically present with me for a year. He was destined to work overseas. In the year that we were together, part of those months, I got sick. We’ve been trying to have a baby, but we have not been blessed – just yet. I’ve been frantic about not having a baby, since I’m already in my mid-30s. But my husband will always assure me that it is God who decides when to give the baby. He even assured me, baby or no baby, he will love me no matter what. Isn’t that what matters?


As I read again the passage I shared earlier in this entry, I realized I should have been praying to God for this desire of ours to have a baby, even when my husband is away. I suddenly prayed to God last night, that He opens up my womb in His most perfect timing, so that I will be prepared to have a baby soon after my husband comes home to be with me, if God wills it to be so.

I think no husband and wife  would desire no children in their family life. That’s why I feel for those who have been barren or those who have been longing to have a child but have not been blessed yet. The Lord only knows and understands their pain.

And so I say, pray Leah for tomorrow’s needs and desires. It takes time for seed to come up. This might be yet another journey that the Lord has in store for you – that of waiting to have your little Randy or little Leah. Just wait and pray.


Photo credit: Rommel Quimson