My Tomato Seedling


Remember the tomato and bell pepper I planted days ago? Well, my tomato is already sprouting. Thanks to the sun and water. It is growing steadily each day. I will wait for the bell pepper to become a seedling as well. As for now, I got to go and plant my chili peppers. Ciao! šŸ˜‰


Sweet Sampaloc


Tamarind, as some may call it. This sweet sampaloc becomes more tasty when dipped in salt. These are the fruit shavings from my afternoon snack. Tara, let’s eat.

My Little Garden


Inspiration to try gardening in containers hit me from nowhere. I figured, I use bell peppers and tomatoes everytime; why not grow them myself in my own backyard. I hope my gardening ventures will be a success. May the sun shine on my seeds. May the water bring growth to my plants. šŸ˜‰

Simple Pleasures

I was a complicated person when I was younger. Maybe it was because I think too much a lot. Or perhaps it was because I put meaning to everything I experience before. Somehow, growing up and being with someone I love who tempered my character changed me in many ways.

Just like a while ago. I declared today is a worry-free day for me. This happens very seldom in my life before. So, this new outlook calls for a celebration. My ever supportive and affirming husband treated me to the simple pleasure of eating out and shopping for some Christmas gifts. Eating out is actually not theĀ treat here. It’s eating out and shopping with the one I love.

When we got home, I wrapped ourĀ gifts which gave me the simpleĀ happiness that Christmas brings. Actually, it is sharing whatever blessings we have that gives me true joy.

I married a simple man who taught me to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.