What If?


What If?

By Leah Lyn E. Albano

What if Christ was not born,
Then there would be no Christ
To celebrate Christmas.

What if Jesus did not live among the people,
Then they would not know
Who the Master Carpenter is.

What if Christ did not call the disciples,
Then there would be no fishers of men
Who would preach the Good News to the lost and weary.

What if Jesus did not die on the cross,
Then our sins will forever stain our lives,
And we shall carry the burden of our transgressions.

What if Christ did not resurrect on the third day,
Then all the promise of an eternal life
Is but a far cry from the truth that is to be told.

But no, all these,
The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus
Are all true.

By His blood and grace,
We are offered His salvation from our sins,
If we only receive Him as our personal Lord and Savior.

What if you pray right now,
And ask Jesus to be your Master and Savior?
Wouldn’t that make your celebration of Lent more meaningful?


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Young Love, Sweet Love


When my emotions get the best of me, lovely words spring forth. This poem was written with the thought of a blossoming love life in my teenage years. It’s so long ago, but I really liked how the words flow from my heart.

Here it is:


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Bloom forth,

White rose.

The sun waits

For your beauty.


Its warmth

Longs to know

Your sweet fragrance,

Your real substance.


Bloom now

And see

How the sun

Shall respond.


Will it capture

Your sense of purity?

Or will it hide

And let the rain pour?



If both shan’t happen,

Wilted or drowned

You shall be.


So let the sun

Feel you freely.

Let the rain

Make you grow.


Do not mind

Your thorns.

Set aside

Your weeds.


For when you bloom

Fully, wonderfully.

The sun shall be there

Shining on you.


March 16, 1996


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And That is Why You are my Friend

friends2She’s in Ireland now with her whole family. But when we were yet highschoolers, she became one of my best friends ever. I wrote this especially for her a long, long time ago. I hope she remembers it. I miss you, friend! Drop me a line or two when you read this post, will you? 🙂

And That is Why You are my Friend

By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Shadows of my past are no secrets from you.

I’ve said them all and you saw me through.

Barriers in my heart, you were able to bend,

And that is why you are my friend.


Joyous times in my present are shared with you.

Through laughter and tears, you remained true.

Even my broken self, you were able to mend,

And that is why you are my friend.


Dreams of my future, fulfillment is your hope.

You wish that I may surpass life’s tangled ropes.

To reach for the star, you lend me your hand,

And that is why you are my friend.


Life eternal, we will still be together.

You carried me to our Friend and secured me forever.

Full of love, full of life were everything you sent.

And that is why your are my friend.


For Laurice Chua





Wrong Choices

brokenWrong choices in relationships are a bitter pill to swallow in one’s young life. I’ve been there and done that. I’m not proud of it but I’ve been in wrong relationships in the past. The lessons I’ve learned after my fall and failure are a but a  glimmer of hope in that painful situation.

Here’s a poem I’ve written after my fall 12 years ago:


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Indeed, You are a God

Whose ways and thoughts

Are higher than mine.

I wanted so much to be ‘in love’

That I fell in love with ‘love’.

And forgot my devotion to You.

I walked into a path

That I knew all along was not right.

Yet I ignored all Your Word.

You let me explore life and ‘love’

Yet You knew it was not

The Life and Love You intended for me.

I soon saw myself

Messed up with the mire,

Struggling to get out and be delivered.

All over again,

You led me into a journey

That is confusing and painful.

I questioned Your ways,

But I found myself unworthy

To even continue doing that.

For I began to realize

You have a higher and eternal purpose

For all these things.

I might have been wounded.

But I know now

That pain causes growth.

You called me back to You.

You set my eyes back to You.

You got my heart back to You.

November 27, 2002


I had to go through all the wrong choices for me to finally get into the right direction. And that direction is ultimately finding the right man God chose for me. 🙂




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Nabuhay Muli

in loveFailed relationships are bound to happen to us at one time or another. The pain may be so unbearable at that point, but the resurgence of new feelings for another is quite surreal. There’s the thin line of holding on and letting go. There’s this fear to embrace change especially the unknown. But one will surely find the courage to move forward and find new love once again.

Here’s a poem I’ve written 14 years ago when I moved forward in my life.


Ni Leah Lyn Albano

Matagal na akong tumigil

Sa pagsusulat ng tula.

Matagal ko nang iniwan

Ang mga titik na nililikha.


Ngunit bakit tila nanunumbalik

Ang pagnanais na makipagtalik

Sa mga letrang bumubuo ng panitik

At sa mga pangungusap na tila humahalik.


Ikaw ang dahilan

Ang puso ko ay tumahan

Sa paghahanap ng pag-ibig

Na kay tagal nang inuusig.


Mata ko’y nabuksan

Na may iba pa palang mundo

Na para sa akin ay nakalaan

Ikaw na ngayon ang hanap ng puso.


Matagal na akong tumigil

Sa pagdaloy ng aking luha

Matagal ko nang iniwan

Ang dati kong minamahal


Nabihag muli ang titik

Sa aking mga tula

Nabuo muli ang panitik

Sa puso ko ngayo’y nangungusap sa iyo.


Pebrero 10, 2000




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Tainted Love: A Farewell Note

Breaking-Up-CoupleWe all had our first loves. We all had our first break-ups. This poem was buried in my chest of written treasures only to be released just now.


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

The symphony’s been playing our song.

It seems to be the same melody

That swept my heart away.

It seems to be the same rhyme

That made me fell for you.

Yet all these sameness

Is a bit different now.

The melody carries a lonelier tune

And as I listen intently,

I find that there’s no more rhyme.

The promised waiting

Isn’t over just yet.

But I can no longer

Hang on much further.

I’ve waited for you

To write me a letter,

To call me on the phone.

I have always waited for you

But you no longer seem to care.

Has something happened to your heart?

Have you forgotten our covenant?

I can no longer wait for you

Unless you break the cold silence

Unless you affirm your devotion to me.

I shall stop longing for you.

I shall begin opening up myself

To other people

Who are more than willing

To get involved with me.

I shall begin a new journey

Without you.

I shall be listening

To the new song

The symphony is playing

For me and for me alone.


February 15, 2000



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Overcoming Depression: A Glimpse of Death

lifeThere is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a God of hope who is ready to embrace those who’ve succumbed to depression.

This is the second part of the story I shared with all of you yesterday at https://thevelveteenleah.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/depression-breaking-the-silence/

Written in poetry form, I penned this after going through what seemed to be an endless experience of agony. It was quite cathartic for me to write out what happened to me back then and the lessons I’ve learned in the process.

Here it is.



By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Tragedy struck in her young life.

Hopeless, desperate, depressed,

She attempted to end all the pain.


Caught unaware that her dreams will be shattered.

Taken by surprise that her life will be put on hold.

She was a soldier caught without her defenses.


Blinded with the sinfulness of her nature,

She hid in her cocoon,

Not speaking a word, holding it all in her heart.


Confused, overwhelmed, frustrated.

No one can paint a smile on her face.

Tears…all tears were flowing from within.


Abyss of depression, the horror of it all!

She was in the valley of the shadow of death.

“Where was God? Why me, Lord?” she asked.


The questions were difficult,

And the answers remained elusive.

She was at the tunnel, waiting for the light to dawn again.


Life, for her, stopped.

But the clock remained ticking.

Her loved ones remained loving her.


Amidst the void she was feeling,

God was miraculously at work.

Angels protected her from dying.


The journey uphill was a difficult struggle.

It was not without much pain and crying,

When she emerged from the deep recesses of her sorrow.


It was not without doubts and much questionings,

When all the anger and bitterness surfaced.

The ugly side of life haunted her to no end.


But the terror of it all had to happen,

For her to fully face her sinfulness,

For her to fully receive God’s grace and mercy.


“Christ died for the real me,

Wounds, bruises, scars and all!”

A declaration of hope … the light is finally seen.


Traversing the road leading her to a glimpse of death

Was no defeat at all.

That death led her to savor the sweet taste of life anew!


January 25, 1998



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A Poem for Ahniemay

HPIM1443She was my DGmate (discipleship group mate) when we were in college. I think she was three or four years younger than I was. But the age gap did not stop us from building a long-lasting friendship. We bonded easily and we were vulnerable enough to open our lives to one another. I wrote this 14 years ago especially for her.



By Leah Lyn E. Albano

You asked for love once in your life

And you got it with open arms.

You asked for happiness in your love

And you got it with open heart.

You thought all will be well

With your love and with your life.

At the forefront, you were abundant

With joy, with laughter, with warmth.

The storms set in, thunders roared.

Your life were clouded with doubts.

Heartaches were near,

Tears were not far away.

The love you once had

Is soon slipping away.

The life you hold dear

IS beginning to shatter into pieces.

In spite of these turmoil,

I know you will emerge

As a victor, as a winner

For your strength lies in Christ.

In Christ and in Christ alone,

You shall rest in true love.

True life you shall experience

When you end searching for human LOVE.

February 3, 2000


Lover of My Soul

lover of my soul

At the height of my Christian walk with the Lord was borne out many poems pertaining to my Beloved Christ. His complete work of redemption from sin and eternal damnation makes me ever grateful as I recall His ultimate sacrifice for you and for me.

Here’s one of my poems about the Great I Am.


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

You have been the Lover of my soul
The Redeemer whose grace overflows
The Healer whose hands soothe.

You have been the King of my heart
The Prince of Peace calming my mind
The Rose of Sharon stilling my soul

Never will the enemy snatch me from You
For never will you leave me
And never will you forsake me

Stumble and fall, that’s what I do best
But You have always been a Helper to me
You give me wings like eagles so I can soar on high

Disappointments and pain abound in my life
But You have always been by Source of Joy
You give me a cheerful heart in spite of every tear

You are the Great I AM
The God in whose life I owe
The Lord in whose blood I am redeemed

February 24, 2000


Have you been redeemed by Christ already?


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The Happiness Challenge

Enough of pain and sadness, let’s shift our eyes on what makes one happy. 🙂 Or for that matter, what makes me happy. My husband actually challenged me to write something about happiness. His topic idea does not surprise me, for he is a naturally happy person. That’s why his happiness has rubbed off on me eventually. I am still a work in progress in savoring happiness everyday but I know I’m getting there.

charlie brownI remember the song “Happiness” from the musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, as I write my own version. The simple joys in life are the true essence of happiness from within.

Yes, these what make me happy.


Happiness is a weekend date with my sister.

A chocnut McDip shared with my mom.

A one-hour Skype time with my husband.

A  car ride with my father.

Happiness is loving each season in life.

The smile of the sun in the morning.

The sound of the drips of the falling rain.

The dried leaves I sweep everyday.

Happiness is keeping old friends.

And making new ones too.

Happiness is singing a song.

And dancing to the music too.


How about you? What makes you happy? 🙂



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