Lately, I’ve been finding myself staring so long at my phone’s calendar every night before I fall asleep. It’s becoming a habit, I know. I’m waiting for the months to unfold. And I want it to unfold quickly.

As I’ve mentioned in my past post, July is a red-marked month for me because my husband is finally coming home after two years. Our Skype conversations now revolve on what our day-to-day life would be if we were together again.

Who would cook breakfast? What dinner do we prepare? When do we go to the grocery? What time would he come home from work? And the list goes on, however, boring the task may be. But boring is fine with me as long as I’m with my husband. We can make it special just by being with one another.

I know this feeling of anticipation wouldn’t go away until he’s finally with me. 🙂





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