Be a Blessing!

I used to fret a lot when there are invitations to speak before a crowd. Yes, I joined a lot of declamation contests when I was still a student. I was always on stage back then as I became part of choral competitions, debates, and other sorts of contests. But just the same, there was always the feeling of stage fright. I remember my friend telling me, stage fright is a good thing because it leads you to depend on God and God alone. She said, it just means you are not putting your confidence in yourself but in the God who gave you the talent.


If all plans push through, my husband and I will speak before the youth in our church a few weeks from now. When we were first invited for this, my heart tugged again in the direction of saying no because of fear of public speaking. But after some moments, I realized this is an opportunity to bless others by sharing the blessings God bestowed upon us. Our saying yes to this is an act of our worship to the Lord. It is also giving back to the church who nurtured our spiritual lives as husband and wife.

May we be a blessing to the young people as we share to them the love story God has especially written for us.

My Tomato Seedling


Remember the tomato and bell pepper I planted days ago? Well, my tomato is already sprouting. Thanks to the sun and water. It is growing steadily each day. I will wait for the bell pepper to become a seedling as well. As for now, I got to go and plant my chili peppers. Ciao! ;-)

My Little Garden


Inspiration to try gardening in containers hit me from nowhere. I figured, I use bell peppers and tomatoes everytime; why not grow them myself in my own backyard. I hope my gardening ventures will be a success. May the sun shine on my seeds. May the water bring growth to my plants. ;-)

Simple Pleasures

I was a complicated person when I was younger. Maybe it was because I think too much a lot. Or perhaps it was because I put meaning to everything I experience before. Somehow, growing up and being with someone I love who tempered my character changed me in many ways.

Just like a while ago. I declared today is a worry-free day for me. This happens very seldom in my life before. So, this new outlook calls for a celebration. My ever supportive and affirming husband treated me to the simple pleasure of eating out and shopping for some Christmas gifts. Eating out is actually not the treat here. It’s eating out and shopping with the one I love.

When we got home, I wrapped our gifts which gave me the simple happiness that Christmas brings. Actually, it is sharing whatever blessings we have that gives me true joy.

I married a simple man who taught me to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

The Past Four Months

It’s been four months since I last had my blog entry about the arrival of my husband from Dubai. Much has happened in so little time. I haven’t even noticed that Christmas is just around the corner and I’m very happy that this season, I’ll be celebrating it with my whole family. :-)

I realized I haven’t had the chance to update my blog during this time. We had some settling down to do. Now that everything’s in place again, I get back to my first love – writing. So, in a nutshell, here’s where I’ve been:

  • Returning home to Davao, where my husband’s family resides, was our top priority. We had our own Samal Island experience before meeting with the entire family.
  • My next stop was at El Nido, Palawan. This time, I ventured into the place with my sister. It was truly a great opportunity to have seen the different islands and rock formations.


  • After having to two out-of-town trips, my husband and I decided it’s time to have myself checked with an OB-Gyne doctor. So far, by God’s grace, I am cleared and healthy with all of the medical procedures I’ve gone through (except perhaps for a polyp or two that has been found). We decided to wait on God’s timing and not resort yet to any fertility treatment that our doctor has been advising us to do. We claim God’s promise that He knows what the future holds for us. He knows what’s best for us. If it is God’s will, then God will be the one to make a way. We just have to trust Him.
  • To distract myself from thinking too much about having a baby, I try out preparing and cooking new dishes my husband will enjoy after a hard day’s work. This is my joy now – discovering the ‘chef’ in me.

Vacation trips, doctor visits, cooking ventures – these keep me busy the past four months. Life just seems perfect now. I thank the Lord for keeping me and my husband in His care. I am sure Christmas will bring smiles to my heart. I hope your heart will smile too. Merry Christmas! <3


He’s Back and He’s Here to Stay

welcome home

Last time we Skyped was Saturday. He still didn’t know then when he will come home to the Philippines. We had been waiting for almost three weeks for his exit visa to be processed. It seemed ages as we waited for the day to finally come.

Sunday, he followed up at the office as to the status of his coming home. No luck. He decided to go to the mall to while away his time, then suddenly, he received a call from the office saying he’s gonna fly that night back to the Philippines. His plane ticket awaits him. In a rush, he went back to his accommodation to prepare his stuff. Good thing, most of his baggage was sent through LBC way back last June.

We constantly communicated until he boarded the plane – Malaysia Airlines at that. So I prayed that no harm will befall all the passengers, with the recent events that had happened with that particular airline.

12 noon of Monday, the plane had its touchdown on Philippine soil. Blissful arrival after two long years of being in a foreign land. He was welcomed with a rainy weather, a wonderful respite from the hot temperature in Dubai.

2 pm, he arrived at our house. We were so happy to be finally together again. First hug, first kiss, first meal after a long, long while. It felt so good to be beside the loved one I so missed terribly.

He’s back and he’s here to stay (hopefully), because we still got a baby project going. Pray with us on this will you? We fully trust that God will take care of us here in the Philippines as He did when He took care of us when we were temporarily apart.

All praises to God for being our provider and protector! :-)

Remembering my Wedding Vows

Yes, it’s been 3 years already since I proclaimed my wedding vows to my now-husband Randy. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We may celebrate it apart from each other physically, but we’re still together in our heart and soul.

This is the best time to remember my vows and reminisce how happy that wedding day was.

Here’s  my vow. This is for you, hon. :-) And for those of you who wish to be inspired by a love strengthened by God.




Hon, You know that what we have

Is a quiet kind of love –

A love that has been refined

Through the trials we had along the way.


The strong foundations of our friendship,

Have been the force that held us together

We may have shed tears along the way

But joy has always been deep down in our hearts.


This day, I will marry you, my best friend

You will be the one I will laugh with and cry with

I will go down with you in the depths of sorrow

When someone hurts you.

And I will rise with you in the heights of joy

When you celebrate your victories.


Honey, I will forever be your friend and lover

I will be your companion and helper

Together we will build a family

Whose God is the Lord of Love and Acceptance


I will not promise the heavens in our married life

But I promise, I will remain committed to love you

Not only during moments that we feel happy

But even when loving each other may be difficult.


Pakatandaan mo na pinili ka ng puso ko

Dahil ikaw ay ikaw

Mahal na mahal kita

Kahit pa sabihin ng iba

Na tayo ay nagmula sa magkaibang mundo.

Sa mata ng Panginoon, tayong dalawa

Ay pinagbigkis Niya ngayon upang maging isa.


In our Savior’s eyes, we are God’s best for each other.

I love you.


I Won a Palawan Tour!


Yesterday, I posted a status in my FB account that something good is going to happen to me. Actually, I knew already that I won a Palawan tour good for 2 pax from the Sta. Lucia Mall raffle draw yesterday. I just had to withhold a little because I had to inquire first how to claim the prize.

Turns out, I need to wait for their notice via telegram and attend the awarding of prizes sometime this June or July.

Place will be in El Nido. I just don’t know if the tour includes a trip to the well-talked about Underground River. I hope we go there too.

It was indeed a serendipitous incident when my sister and I found out that I won a Palawan tour. I was at the money exchange having a transaction while my sister was reading posters at the counter. Suddenly, she shouted that my name is on the list of winners of the raffle draw. She thought it was just my namesake, because my married name did not register to her at once. We quickly went to the customer service to inquire but because it was a Sunday, there was no office and no employee to entertain our inquiries.

I am utterly excited. I wanted to bring both my husband and my sister. But I can only bring one companion.

Now, I am on to a game of waiting for that telegram to come. Thank you Lord for this wonderful surprise and blessing. :-) Totoo pala na may nananalo sa raffle. Hehe..