I Won a Palawan Tour!


Yesterday, I posted a status in my FB account that something good is going to happen to me. Actually, I knew already that I won a Palawan tour good for 2 pax from the Sta. Lucia Mall raffle draw yesterday. I just had to withhold a little because I had to inquire first how to claim the prize.

Turns out, I need to wait for their notice via telegram and attend the awarding of prizes sometime this June or July.

Place will be in El Nido. I just don’t know if the tour includes a trip to the well-talked about Underground River. I hope we go there too.

It was indeed a serendipitous incident when my sister and I found out that I won a Palawan tour. I was at the money exchange having a transaction while my sister was reading posters at the counter. Suddenly, she shouted that my name is on the list of winners of the raffle draw. She thought it was just my namesake, because my married name did not register to her at once. We quickly went to the customer service to inquire but because it was a Sunday, there was no office and no employee to entertain our inquiries.

I am utterly excited. I wanted to bring both my husband and my sister. But I can only bring one companion.

Now, I am on to a game of waiting for that telegram to come. Thank you Lord for this wonderful surprise and blessing. 🙂 Totoo pala na may nananalo sa raffle. Hehe..