Hurdling Biology 11

They say when you’re good in English and the Language Arts, it’s bound to happen that you’re struggling with the Math and Sciences. That seems to be true to me.

When I was in college, I took up Psychology as my course. One of our course requirements is to enroll in a Biology 11 class. It’s broken down into a lecture and a laboratory class. I dreaded this subject because it has a lot of memory work and details. What freaks me out more is the laboratory portion, wherein I had to identify molecular parts of living things under the microscope and to dissect a frog.

Science was never my strength. No matter how much I study and try to understand the scientific concepts, it was such a struggle for me. I had to take Bio 11 three times. I dropped the subject twice. And for the third and last time, I had to take it again. There was no turning back or else I wouldn’t graduate. I think I got a 2.75 or 3.0 for my grade in that subject. But honestly, I was already so happy even if I barely passed it.

Hurdling Bio 11 is an achievement for me. It taught me persistence. I actually felt desperate at that time. I remember crying about it after pleading with my professor to reconsider giving me even just a passing grade. It was persistence and prayers that saw me through the challenge. I had no innate intellect in Science. But what the heck, I’m good in English and the other subjects! 😀


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Spare Change Keeps Me Sane

What act drives me nuts making me go wild with my emotions? One thing stands out. It’s when cashiers don’t give me exact change for my purchases. It’s when they round off to the nearest centavo the change they’re supposed to give me. Yeah, I’m OC that way. I don’t know how I became like that. Maybe I’m just an exact person. A thorough individual expecting thoroughness from people as well.

coins 2So what do I do to prevent this from happening? I vowed to always bring my coin purse filled with 25 centavos, 10 centavos down to 5 centavos. Spare change keeps me sane. I try to actually pay my items as exact as I could so I would avoid feeling irritated with those type of cashiers. (No offense, if there are cashiers out there reading this blog. 🙂  )

It helped too that my husband taught me to be more patient with people and their idiosyncracies. He told me not to be too finicky with the little details that stress me out. After I embraced this lesson, my interactions with cashiers have been more friendly now. I no longer get irritated because I found a solution to my problem – spare change! I love those centavos. So if you don’t like your centavos anymore, give them to me. They’re important to my sanity. 🙂


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Growing in Love with my Best Friend

4Not all are given the one chance to have a best friend and a lover at the same time. It has always been my heart’s desire – to be best friends first before becoming lovers. I’ve always believed that the strongest foundation of marriage is the solid friendship built by the man and woman in the relationship. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced all these and more with my best friend and my lover – my husband, no less!

It all started when I attended worship service in our satellite church. I’ve just come out from a broken relationship and was not ready to enter into another commitment. I decided it was just my time to serve the Lord. Little did I know, that someone out there was already observing me from a distance. Until one time, I began seeking assistance from this Logistics guy who would always help me put up the mats in the Sunday School room. I was a Sunday School teacher back then. And so this Logistics guy would always be around during Sundays. I began seeing him moving about the church, fixing the place, ensuring that everything’s in order in the sanctuary. Turns out, this Logistics guy will be my husband around 7 years later.

Our first, real encounter when we had our real, unhurried conversations was when we went to a church retreat. Everyone else knew each other. However, we did not have any groups to go to, that’s why we were left with each other to hang out.  He asked for my number during that retreat. And that’s how it all began. And the rest, they say, is history.

Best friends are there for each other, through thick and thin. They share laughter and sorrows. They know the inside out of each other’s heart and soul. They share deepest secrets without fear of being judged. They enjoy life’s simple pleasures together. They encourage each other to be the best person one can be. They love and accept each other no matter what. And that’s the way we were.

It wasn’t love at first sight. It was friendship first. And I’d always like the phrase, “I grew in love with him.” The friendship was nurtured until it blossomed into love.

I’m glad I grew in love with my best friend.


Photo credit: Kimberly Chan Hung and Gary Albano