Wrong Choices

brokenWrong choices in relationships are a bitter pill to swallow in one’s young life. I’ve been there and done that. I’m not proud of it but I’ve been in wrong relationships in the past. The lessons I’ve learned after my fall and failure are a but a  glimmer of hope in that painful situation.

Here’s a poem I’ve written after my fall 12 years ago:


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Indeed, You are a God

Whose ways and thoughts

Are higher than mine.

I wanted so much to be ‘in love’

That I fell in love with ‘love’.

And forgot my devotion to You.

I walked into a path

That I knew all along was not right.

Yet I ignored all Your Word.

You let me explore life and ‘love’

Yet You knew it was not

The Life and Love You intended for me.

I soon saw myself

Messed up with the mire,

Struggling to get out and be delivered.

All over again,

You led me into a journey

That is confusing and painful.

I questioned Your ways,

But I found myself unworthy

To even continue doing that.

For I began to realize

You have a higher and eternal purpose

For all these things.

I might have been wounded.

But I know now

That pain causes growth.

You called me back to You.

You set my eyes back to You.

You got my heart back to You.

November 27, 2002


I had to go through all the wrong choices for me to finally get into the right direction. And that direction is ultimately finding the right man God chose for me. 🙂




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Signs that You’re Going to Get Married Soon

HPIM1497Before I got married, I was looking for some signs that I am about to take the plunge. I asked some of my married friends back then how will I know. All they said to me was that, “you’ll just know it’s time”. That didn’t help me in anyway. It agonized me even more. But looking back now, I guess I can see some telltale signs that I was going to get married soon even if the proposal hasn’t come yet.

So here’s my list of signs that you’re going to get married soon.

1. The ‘talk’ happened between you and your partner. Whether it is a casual conversation or a serious one, both of you consider the idea of settling down together.

2. For Filipino cultures, when you let your parents know of your plans of getting married, that’s one sure sign that you’re tying the knot soon. Details aren’t there yet, but the intent is there.

3. You are looking for a place to stay and call your own home. My now-husband and I helped each other find our own place even before we were wed. You need to prepare your abode before the wedding takes place, or else, you aren’t actually ready for married life.

4. You open a joint bank account. For some, this may take place after the wedding, but for my husband and I, this worked for us even when we were single individuals just yet. We saved up so we can have our dream wedding, but more than that, to prepare for our future joined together as husband and wife. But we made sure, we already had the commitment to marry when we did this. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a financially bad situation, when a bad break-up happens. 

5. You are looking to buy a bed, a stove and a refrigerator. Yes, as ordinary as it may sound, those three things are what seems to me the first things you will purchase as a married couple.

6. You find yourself attending wedding fairs and considering suppliers for your wedding needs. If you are detail-oriented as me, this task can be daunting. But be sure to put on the right perspective: the wedding will just take place in one day. You need to put in more focus and effort at the marriage that will last forever.

7. You are composing your wedding vows to be exchanged with your soon-to-be lifetime partner during the ceremony. This is my ultimate wake-up call that I will very soon be getting married to my one true love. Rehearsing the vow the night before the wedding is as surreal as it can get. You get to sleep that night knowing that when you wake up, you will never be alone anymore – ever.

So the next time someone asks you, how will I know if I’m about to get married, shove them in on these 7 signs. You might have your own sign to add to. Happy wedding bells to those getting married! 🙂

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Nabuhay Muli

in loveFailed relationships are bound to happen to us at one time or another. The pain may be so unbearable at that point, but the resurgence of new feelings for another is quite surreal. There’s the thin line of holding on and letting go. There’s this fear to embrace change especially the unknown. But one will surely find the courage to move forward and find new love once again.

Here’s a poem I’ve written 14 years ago when I moved forward in my life.


Ni Leah Lyn Albano

Matagal na akong tumigil

Sa pagsusulat ng tula.

Matagal ko nang iniwan

Ang mga titik na nililikha.


Ngunit bakit tila nanunumbalik

Ang pagnanais na makipagtalik

Sa mga letrang bumubuo ng panitik

At sa mga pangungusap na tila humahalik.


Ikaw ang dahilan

Ang puso ko ay tumahan

Sa paghahanap ng pag-ibig

Na kay tagal nang inuusig.


Mata ko’y nabuksan

Na may iba pa palang mundo

Na para sa akin ay nakalaan

Ikaw na ngayon ang hanap ng puso.


Matagal na akong tumigil

Sa pagdaloy ng aking luha

Matagal ko nang iniwan

Ang dati kong minamahal


Nabihag muli ang titik

Sa aking mga tula

Nabuo muli ang panitik

Sa puso ko ngayo’y nangungusap sa iyo.


Pebrero 10, 2000




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