Reflections on a Rainy Night

​It’s definitely one of those days when you just want to lie down and sleep. It has been raining for days but surprisingly, gloom is not in the realm of emotions I am feeling because of the weather. If you knew me from way back, I’m a pessimist by nature. But slowly, God worked through my heart and I now allow joyful feelings to flow to and from me. 

What am I driving at exactly when I now say these things? Let me give you a picture. Last year, several of my FB friends have been announcing back to back that they are pregnant.Some for the first time. Still some for their nth time. Honestly, those moments were very painful to me. I cannot bring myself to rejoice with them. It hurts. Totally. But I suffered in silence. Perhaps, all the other barren women out there feel the same way I do back then. I ask, why are they blessed with children? Why is the Lord silent on me and my husband? 

I suffered in silence a year ago seeing their posts. I’ve seen all of them giving births and now playing with their babies. Happily making status after status about their growing families. 

Till it hit me. I cannot be bitter and angry at God about this. Their lives are different from mine. The Lord has a plan for me. There must be a reason for all this waiting and longing. There must be a time to accept the will of the Lord and come to terms with being truly happy for other people. 

Joy cannot be forced though. It must come from a deep place of acceptance and contentment. A place wherein there’s full trust that God is in control. A place wherein there’s assurance that God is wise and knows what is best for me and my husband. 

Fast forward today. I’ve still got pregnant friends now. But though there’s still a tinge of pain when I see them, I can honestly say now that I am truly happy for them. It’s like saying, don’t worry about me, “it is well with my soul.” Whether the Lord will grant us a baby or not, my heart will yield to His will. I will hold on to God’s promise that He knows the plans for me and my husband, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future. I declare that God is a sovereign God. May His will be done in our lives! 


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Blog Review: Estancia de Lorenzo

​No one, not even the rain and floods could stop us from seeing each other that weekend. The date has been set that we will all go to Estancia de Lorenzo’s Saturday Breakfast Buffet. We can’t miss this one since this events place is a dream-turned-reality for our very good-hearted friend Cathy. You see,    Estancia de Lorenzo is just one of their family businesses and Cathy is very much a part of this endeavor. As her friends, we are here to support her in whatever way we can. So, as promised, I’ll write about my wonderful experience at EDL as a way of thanking Cathy who  toured us around their place. 

Ready for my Poptalk-like review? So here goes… 

Saturday Breakfast Buffet

For a value of P249.00/pax, their buffet is totally affordable. Their menu changes according to Cathy. But when we tried their buffet, there’s coffee and iced tea all you can, a salad station, noodles, and a chocolatey, creamy champorado. Their main entrees are sinangag na rice (of course), ham, tapa, daing na bangus, tortang talong, crispy tawilis, mashed potato. There’s an egg station wherein you could request the staff to cook your kind of egg right before you. There’s also a fruits and dessert station plus their duck ham and duck eggs table. From what I’ve gathered, they raise their own ducks and produce the duck hams with glaze perfect for Christmas gifts or even in other occasions. 

For variety, the Buffet has a good selection of our favorite Filipino breakfast foods. Who could go wrong with tapa and daing na bangus with eggs, right? For those who are into veggies, they have green salads with caesar dressing. 

So, what stood out for me here? My number 1 on the list is their duck ham. Next is the champorado with a secret ingredient. I won’t tell you what Cathy told us. Go figure guys when you visit. πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed the waffle with choco chips and syrup on top! But really, everything in their menu is good for making your tummy happy. 

Recommendations for the Buffet

I’m wearing my thinking hat for Senior Citizens and health-buff future customers here. 

I hope they offer plain rice too. Less oil than sinangag here. I also wish there were more veggie varieties to choose from. Steamed okra and talong perhaps coupled with itlog na maalat (maybe salted duck eggs) and tomatoes. Coffee can be paired with warm milk just like in hotels. 

Facilities and Amenities

Estancia de Lorenzo has an impressive array of facilities and amenities. They have a five-storey green-technology building (glass paneled window structures where natural light comes in). The building houses conference venues, a sports bar, and a roof-deck dining area overlooking the mountains. Their five-floor staircase is an art in itself! 

As we walked through their sprawling property, we entered their Pavilions which could seat up to a maximum of 250 pax. Perfect for wedding venues and other special events and gatherings. Their Garden can also accommodate events. There’s also a swimming pool near the Pavilion which can also be used by guests. 

Strolling under the rain, we headed towards their farm. They have varied animals there, which they plan to turn into a zoo someday. I’ve seen lots of chickens, a parrot, eagle, monkey, and some baby crocodiles. 

Our last stop was at their quaint coffee shop.If you like intimate conversations, go here. We spent the rest of our day here over coffee and chocolate cake while baring our heart and soul here as long-time friends. It was here we realized that there’s a retreat center kind of vibe at Estancia de Lorenzo. Maybe it was the cold, rainy weather that made us feel this way. But it seems that EDL could be anyone’s getaway place. 

Recommendations for the Amenities

I won’t go into the events facilities. They are all excellent to me. Just look at EDL’s portfolio of the successful wedding and debut events they hosted before. 

Here’s my wish list for EDL amenities. I hope that as they have PWD-friendly restrooms, they would also invest in the future in an elevator to their five-storey building so Seniors and PWDs alike can enjoy the sports bar and the roof deck. I do hope too that they explore the idea of putting up an accommodation that can house guests who may want to rent their Pavilions for several days for their church retreats, school seminars or corporate conferences. 

Service and Staff

Your best resources they say are not in your infrastructure or finances. It is your people. No matter how good your food or place is, if you’ve got people who aren’t with you in your mission and vision, then everything’s a waste.

Thankfully, I feel as though EDL is in the right track when it comes to their staff and the service they give to their customers.They were all friendly and accommodating. What with all the groufie requests we had!      They all gladly obliged our trigger-happy favors. πŸ™‚ Our big thank yous to all the Ates and Kuyas we met there. 


It’s accessible through cab drivers. EDL is at Waze. When commuting, get to SM San Mateo first, then take a trike. Tell them you’re heading to Estancia de Lorenzo and they know the place already.EDL is still planning to put up a private shuttle.

So there you have it guys. Estancia de Lorenzo is the new place to be at in San Mateo. 

Try their Saturday Breakfast Buffet from 7 am to 10 am. Feel free to request for an ocular visit to their facilities. Who knows, you might see yourself getting wed here, having your baby baptized or just plain celebrating your life events!

For inquiries and reservations, call 570-6172 / 570-1185 / 0917-5015400

Estancia de Lorenzo is located at Doc Ayong’s Farm, Aquarius St. Bancom Subd., Gulod Malaya, San Mateo Rizal.