Transformed Me

Exactly two years ago, I decided to leave the school where I am working back then due to family and health reasons. Time passed by swiftly. I did not notice that my life has changed into another season and of another color and dimension.


That time, my husband also left for Dubai to work. I moved in back to my parents’ house for convenience and security reasons as well. I am not a person with great adjustment skills, so at the start of the changes that happened to my life, I was sleeping my way through the days that pass by. I slept more than the usual dose just to drown the loneliness I feel being apart from my husband. I was usually left alone at home and the isolation I felt seemed to be shouting at me everyday.

Then tragedy happened in 2013. My mom had a car accident. She decided to retire from her work in school. Yet another change happened to me. I suddenly had company at home. But more than that, I had someone to care for until she got on her feet again and started to walk again.

I felt that those two years transformed me in many ways. I began to be more comfortable with the idea of the rest that the Lord has promised me. I learned how to humbly serve my family and I became more tolerable with their unique personalities and idiosyncracies. I learned how to be more domesticated and I say this, with all positivity and pride. I took up blogging as a hobby and as a tool to inspire people.  I even became more vocal about my love for my husband though the blogs that I share. God has indeed a special way of using my time apart with my hubby to prune me and let me grow in the different areas in my life.

I’m picking up the pieces again. I’m in a different ball game now. I’m walking the road less travelled, so to speak. But I’m deeply enjoying the journey. I don’t know if I’ll be back with my career. But for now, I’ll savor every minute of the many surprises that life brings me.

Two years has passed. I feel as though I am entering a new season in my life again. Few months from now, my husband is coming home already. I can’t wait to be with him all over again. He will be meeting a newer, better version of me and I hope he’ll love me even more for it.

Change is good. I thank the Lord for the changes He’s brought into my life. May you also be sensitive to what the Lord has been doing in your life. God bless everyone! 🙂



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