1, 7, 13, 25, 40, 60, 90

No ,they’re not numbers in a mathematical progression series. These are the ages I deemed to be critical in one’s human development. These are the ages I’ve also seen right before my very eyes.

Age 1 and 7 are childhood milestones. Age 13 is indoctrination to puberty stage. Age 25 is when you relatively start a family and career. Age 40 is when you’re supposed to become more stable in life. Age 60 is the waning of your life and work capabilities. Age 90 is when you become dependent on the adult people in your life. (If you are fortunate enough to reach that ripe old age.)

agingThe aging process stared right me in the face when I, together with my husband, lived away from my parents. I only see them once a week when we visit them. And was I surprised at how quick they’ve aged physically. They had more white hair. More wrinkles were showing. Their faculties of seeing and hearing were dwindling. Right then and there, I realized, my parents are aging.

I, too, would go through that same stage, if God wills it to be so. But how do I stay young at heart, despite me getting old? Perhaps, the best thing I’d do is for me to still engage in the things I love doing. Walk in the park with my husband. Savoring the simple joys in life. Mingling with younger friends. Reading a good, stimulating book. Having a regular haircut and manicure / pedicure / foot spa date with my salon friends who would still keep me looking pretty and awesome. šŸ™‚ Ā Eating healthy and having a good night’s sleep. Praying to the Lord Almighty to keep me in the pink of health.

Growing old need not be a dread. Gracefully, I can face aging as long as I know I have aged with wisdom. Not worldly wisdom, but the wisdom that only God can give.

Post in response to Daily Prompt: Young at Heart



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