Young Love, Sweet Love


When my emotions get the best of me, lovely words spring forth. This poem was written with the thought of a blossoming love life in my teenage years. It’s so long ago, but I really liked how the words flow from my heart.

Here it is:


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

Bloom forth,

White rose.

The sun waits

For your beauty.


Its warmth

Longs to know

Your sweet fragrance,

Your real substance.


Bloom now

And see

How the sun

Shall respond.


Will it capture

Your sense of purity?

Or will it hide

And let the rain pour?



If both shan’t happen,

Wilted or drowned

You shall be.


So let the sun

Feel you freely.

Let the rain

Make you grow.


Do not mind

Your thorns.

Set aside

Your weeds.


For when you bloom

Fully, wonderfully.

The sun shall be there

Shining on you.


March 16, 1996


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Para sa Iyo, Sinta

Last night, I couldn’t sleep again. Suddenly, I found myself typing a draft of the poem meant for my one true love.



Gising na gising ang diwa

Sa kaiisip ng mga katha

Liriko ng puso ay kumakanta

Sa sayang dulot mo sinta

Tinig mo’y dama

Sa bawat tawag mong ginawa

Malapit na kitang maaya

Sa mundo ko’t hiraya

Ikaw ang aking pagpapala

Wala na nga, wala na ngang iba.




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