He’s Back and He’s Here to Stay

welcome home

Last time we Skyped was Saturday. He still didn’t know then when he will come home to the Philippines. We had been waiting for almost three weeks for his exit visa to be processed. It seemed ages as we waited for the day to finally come.

Sunday, he followed up at the office as to the status of his coming home. No luck. He decided to go to the mall to while away his time, then suddenly, he received a call from the office saying he’s gonna fly that night back to the Philippines. His plane ticket awaits him. In a rush, he went back to his accommodation to prepare his stuff. Good thing, most of his baggage was sent through LBC way back last June.

We constantly communicated until he boarded the plane – Malaysia Airlines at that. So I prayed that no harm will befall all the passengers, with the recent events that had happened with that particular airline.

12 noon of Monday, the plane had its touchdown on Philippine soil. Blissful arrival after two long years of being in a foreign land. He was welcomed with a rainy weather, a wonderful respite from the hot temperature in Dubai.

2 pm, he arrived at our house. We were so happy to be finally together again. First hug, first kiss, first meal after a long, long while. It felt so good to be beside the loved one I so missed terribly.

He’s back and he’s here to stay (hopefully), because we still got a baby project going. Pray with us on this will you? We fully trust that God will take care of us here in the Philippines as He did when He took care of us when we were temporarily apart.

All praises to God for being our provider and protector! 🙂


All My Bags are Packed…

HPIM0372July 2014 is a red-marked month for me because after two years, my husband is finally coming back home in the Philippines. Needless to say, I am very much excited. 🙂 So much excitement that I’ve already packed my bags and I’m ready to go to Davao where my husband’s family is.

This early, I’ve been thinking of the places where we will go. I am looking at tourist attractions and some restaurants where we can satisfy our food cravings. I am contemplating on the souvenirs I will bring back to Manila. And I am searching for nice beaches to go to. I know it’s rainy season in August, but who cares if it rains, as long as I’m with my special someone, right? Swimming in the rain can be fun too! 🙂

I also long to spend more time with the Tejero family, as we only get to visit them once in a while. I’m pretty sure the kids have all grown up by now. I am sure I will get to taste again Nanay‘s dishes. And I’m excited to see again  Tatay, Ate Yeye, Ake and Dom. Getting married surely has this perk and privilege of having another family who will love you and accept you.

Don’t worry, our family and relatives here in Manila. We will also get to spend time with all of you when Randy comes home. For now, my sights are in Davao!

All my bags are packed up, I’m ready to go…Lalalalala…airplane


Airplane Photo Credit: driveministry.wordpress.com