The Lord Hears Your Cry


Many years ago, I was also a single woman waiting for “the one”. I have also been witness to single friends who are struggling with doubts about their self-esteem because no one seem to be interested in them. I ache with these single friends with their deep longings in their hearts. I always remember them during these times where everyone is celebrating togetherness as a couple, whether they are dating, engaged or married. In a world filled with mushy stuff this Valentine’s day, I lift up my single friends. This poem I’ve written is for you.


By Leah Albano

The heavens are witnesses 
To your every heartache.
The angels know
Of every tear that you shed.

The prayers of your heart,
Hoping for someone to love you,
Pleading that a man
Will come to care for you.

All these are etched 
In God's mind.
Know that He has you
In His heart.

The Lord hears your cry.
The Lord knows of your pain.
He understands your lonelines.
He feels your every doubt.

Know that He is there
To take away your every tear.
Know that He is there
To soothe away your every hurt.

Look unto Him
And trust in His goodness.
Let this period of waiting
Be a period of growing intimacy with Him.

God alone, in His infinite faithfulness
Shall meet that void you are feeling.
He alone, is the Lover
Whom you will ever need.

Written: February 13, 2002

Photo: CTTO

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