Of Pregnancies and Barrenness


If you’ve followed my blogs before, you would know by now that I’m a wife of an OFW and I stay at home with my mother who has retired from her teaching profession. One more detail you’d know is that my husband and I are still childless after five years of marriage.

I’ve asked for prayers for having a child and we’ve taken our own steps of having ourselves checked by the doctor if we are okay.

This month, I’ve visited my doctor (not my OB-Gyne) who has taken care of me since my college days. He knew my history of seizures and clinical depression and it is he who monitors my general health. I’ve consulted him about implications should I become pregnant. He gave insights and recommendations on how I should take care of myself if that time comes. But what struck me most was the realization that it would be risky for me to become pregnant.

I shared the outcome of our session with my husband and I said to him, I feel apprehensive now to get pregnant, just thinking of what might happen upon withdrawal of my maintenance medicines for my health conditions. Maybe, having a child of our own is not in God’s plans for us. My husband and I are in prayerful agreement that we will submit to God’s will whatever it is. But if God so chooses to give us a baby, then we surely welcome it with the trust that God will protect my well-being.

Because of this development, talks about child adoption surfaced again. Our hearts are open to this idea, if it is according to God’s will for our family life.

Now that I let this news out, my heart goes out to all the wives yearning for a child but continue to be barren because of health complications and other reasons. My heart goes out to all the orphans and abandoned children yearning for adoptive mothers.

Maybe the world is made just the way it is so that we will place our full trust in the Sovereign Lord who knows all the reasons behind our trying situations.

As a way of ending this, I remember my aunt saying to me, “if it is God’s will, it will be given; if God will not give it, there’s a reason.” I am hanging on to that.




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