My Hulugan Falls Adventure

If I were still a girl scout now, I would have earned a badge of courage and endurance when I went trekking with my friends to Hulugan Falls, Luisiana Laguna.

I did not expect to be faced with so much difficulties just to arrive at the waterfalls site. We were greeted by rain when we reached our point of origin. And with rain, comes mud – the kind of mud that sunk my feet deep down into the ‘kumunoy’-like ‘anyong-lupa’. Yes, I trekked much of the time barefooted. I felt the earthy, slippery ‘putik’, and the stony boulders. I had to stretch my short legs to cross boulders and reach for the next stepping stones. I had to bravely face the steep, rocky paths. Many times, I just had to focus on what was before me and not mind what was coming ahead.

And here comes my great take-away message from my trekking experience: I realized that the trek I endured is much like the Christian life. Oftentimes, the Lord will not let us see the big picture of why we are experiencing such great troubles in our life. He just lets us see a glimpse of our situation and He takes care of what lies ahead. Perhaps, the Lord knows that when we see the trials we are yet to face, we just might give up on life and we will not continue the fight of faith. The Lord understands our fearful nature so He provides us His guiding hand to walk us through step by step, moment by moment. The Lord honors our little steps of faith and He takes us to His reward at the proper time when He says our journey has ended and when He has seen us grow in character.

The great Hulugan Falls is my reward. Though I enjoyed the waterfalls scene for a short moment only, I was left with the impression that my God is a big God. He has a special gift waiting for me at the end of the journey. What made the greatest impact on me on this entire adventure, though, is the trekking experience. I had two slippery falls in the mud. But it was okay with me. Surely, even in the Christian life, we experience falls in our walk with God. But He gives us the grace to stand again and walk the path despite trials and difficulties.

Survivor. Conqueror.  Warrior. I felt I am all this and more. Not by my own strength, but only by the grace of God.


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