Staying Fit

No, I did not fell ill.  I just had a self-imposed hiatus from blogging. I needed to recharge my physical and emotional brain from all the busyness these past weeks have brought on.

Back from the “hot spring outing” I had two weeks ago, I had to go with my mom and dad to visit our maternal uncle who was confined in a Cavite hospital due to a heart attack. He’s better now I guess.


Then, just yesterday, I had my regular check-up with my cardio doctor. I just had some issues with a fast pulse rate which I have to monitor from hereon, aside from the fact that I have to continue with my maintenance medicines.  I also have to be more disciplined to avoid eating sweets. But it’s just so difficult. I have a sweet tooth!

Oh, the perils of aging! It’s a tough thing to keep oneself young at heart and mind when the body fails from time to time. What motivates me though to keep myself healthy is the promising future I want to see with my husband and family.

So let’s stay fit. We’ll thank ourselves later for doing this. 🙂



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