The Lord Gives, The Lord Takes Away


Right this very minute, I am soaking myself in God’s Word by way of listening to Don Moen’s timeless music. That’s what I do when I am feeling a bit of tired and worn out. Music that soothes. Music that heals.

I just came from a whole day activity wherein I accompanied my mom to her new work as a consultant. Long drives now tire me out. But as I see it, this will become a common thing for me in the coming months wherein I will be my mom’s PA (personal assistant), a self-proclaimed position title I invented for myself.  🙂

HPIM1542Good thing, I was also with my sister this day. She waited with me until my mom’s meeting ended. We had another round of early birthday celebration at a Chinese restaurant eating a variety of dimsum. To remove the aftertaste of the Chinese delicacies, we tried Jollibee’s creamy chocolate and strawberry shake. Our cravings were satisfied.

After my mom’s meeting, we headed to the wake of my high school P.E., Health and Music Teacher. She passed on to the next life at age 55. This made me realize too that my mom’s and dad’s lives are a bonus already from the Lord. I uttered too that I am not yet ready to lose my parents. I guess no one is ever ready for this.

This day taught me one lesson. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. God gave my mom a new beginning after her retirement. God took away one of His child to be with Him in heaven. We are not to question God’s timing in one’s life. We are only here to welcome and embrace the will of God in our lives.

God bless everyone! Stay happy amidst the giving and taking away. 🙂



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