waiting 2

Sudden burst of inspiration in writing came when the word ‘waiting’ came to mind.

We’ve all been there – waiting for something or someone. We all wait for different things during the different phases in our lives. When I was younger, I would wait for the time when my mom would call us to eat and say that dinner is ready. When I got a little older and about to get into college, I waited for the results of the college entrance exam. When I got a little over twenty-something-ish, I waited for true love to come. When I finally felt that I found my one true love, I waited for the day that  he will propose forever to me.

Now that I’m married, I’m waiting for different things right now. Sometimes, I’m waiting  for my husband to come home from work and have Skype time with him. Sometimes, I think of the two-month waiting time before he finally comes home to be with me. (Yey! Two months is so near!)

Oh, there’s another thing that we’re waiting for to happen when he comes home – the coming of our little bundle of joy. May the Lord bless us with a little Randy or a little Leah in His most perfect timing and if He wills it to be so. May we be ready enough to become responsible, loving parents.

Waiting is not so bad. It encourages us to learn to wait and trust on the Lord and become patient to receive His blessings. It is comforting to know  that while we wait, God is already acting on our behalf. Isn’t that wonderful to know?


Photo credit:  diabetesdad.org




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