Sense of Family

I just got home from a family lunch to celebrate the birthday of my aunt. Good food, good company, good conversations – or may I dare say, interesting and intense conversations. I’ll leave you out the details, but today just got me thinking what is the real sense of being family.

Is it merely eating together over lunch or dinner? Is it looking after one another?  Is it sticking together through thick or thin? Is it giving way and sacrificing one’s desire to meet the needs of the other? How far does a family go through to realize that they all come from the same roots and all they have is one another?


I think, bottomline is, we all need an eternal perspective on what we truly value as a family. We will all pass through this life just once and we need to live it well. We need to live it well enough to be prepared to meet our Maker and be ready to say we’ve been our brothers’ keeper.

This life is too short to waste our energies over family squabbles. We are called to build relationships and not destroy. We are called to love one another just as Jesus loved us. If we can do all these to our friends, why can’t we do it with our own flesh and blood?

God gave us a family for a deep and beautiful reason. He gave us each other to love, to care and to share with one another. This is our earthly practice in familial relationships. Because, heavenward, we will all be relating perfectly with one another since we will all be part of God’s family.


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