I don’t like that word – flatline. It gives me the jitters to think that someone I know might crossover to eternal life or eternal damnation. It forces me to pause a while and think about life after death – not that I’m afraid of it – but more of like, is that person ready to face his or her Creator? Does that person have the assurance of salvation through the blood and grace of Jesus Christ?

My mom’s friend just flatlined this afternoon. The doctors say she had a heart attack. Thankfully, she was revived. But she’s now into coma with all the tubes surrounding her to keep her alive. I cannot imagine the fear of loss that my mom’s friend’s family is experiencing right now. I know that my mom is also deeply concerned with her friend. I hope she recovers from  her comatose condition and still gets the chance to experience the full life Christ has to offer her.

Would you keep my mom’s friend in prayer right now? Let’s pray that she awakes from her coma and becomes her usual bubbly self again. May she come to know the saving grace of Jesus.


Photo credit:  www.tradingheroes.com




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