Introverts are aloof nerds

observations on introverts are so true. i can totally relate about what he said about cats too..:-)

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aloof2This is the eighth in a weekly series debunking myths about introverts.  (See last week’s post.)  The basis of the 10 week series is the article written by Carl King.  I will show his thinking, add mine and then encourage all of you to contribute your thoughts on the subject.

Don’t know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert?  Take Susan Cain’s quiz.

Myth #8 – Introverts are aloof nerds.

Carl:  Introverts are people who primarily look inward, paying close attention to their thoughts and emotions. It’s not that they are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around them, it’s just that their inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to them.

Chris:  I am more likely to be accused of being a snob than of being aloof, I think.  Here’s the hard part about speaking to this myth, which will be an…

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