Best Things in Life are Free

sis and iMy sister is truly a blessing from God. She is my first best friend ever. Till this day, she is my best companion in doing the simplest things in life.

Just like today. She accompanied me to my grocery errand for the family. She knew about my extra challenge of fitting my grocery list to the budget we have. I, on the other hand, joined her in search of something she needs for her room. We scouted for the item in the different stores to get the best deal. Yes, we are mindful of our expenses because money is earned the hard way. We prioritize on where money should go. But we are not like Scrooges who do not want to part ways with money. We also know how to enjoy the blessings that God has in store for us.

Just like today. We enjoyed and shared a banoffee pie which was almost free, because we had a gift certificate (GC)  in that particular store. Because we are not really advocates of drinking coffee in that high-end coffee shop, we headed to Mc Donalds to get our coffee fix. The banoffee pie was smothered with cream, that it got too sweet for our taste. Good thing, we bought a local chili cheese flavored chicacorn as ‘pangontra’ to the ‘tamis’. Surprisingly, the coffee, the pie and the chichacorn  were a good mix for our merienda. 

Ah! Simple joys. The best things in life are free. Free GC. Free unhurried conversation with sister. Free laughter shared. Free sorrow divided. (Oh, did I tell you? We just lost a pet cat and we talked about her over coffee.) Freedom to just feel alive for a day!

Here’s looking forward to more happy days! 😀





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