What’s In A Name?

leahWhat’s in a name? I realized that my name is one thing that I have not chosen in my life. It’s my parents’ prerogative and I couldn’t do anything about it anymore. (Except of course, if I’d go through the legal means of changing my name, which is most unlikely to happen.)

My name is a derivative of my dad’s and mom’s name combined, hence, Leah Lyn. 

There has been an evolution of how people call my name. I would know the time period when they have known me by how they pronounce my name.

If you are in my circle of friends when I was but a child, you’d probably have called me as ‘Li-yah’. If you are my older cousins from my mother’s side, you’d have called me ‘Li-yah girl’. Which by the way stuck with me till I was a grown adolescent. If you’ve been a friend from elementary and high school, you have called me ‘Leah’, pronounced as ‘Le-ya’.  

I stopped correcting people how my name should be pronounced, because they were just too many not getting it correctly, so I let them be. But when I entered college, I thought this is the perfect time to rectify the pronunciation of my name. So I introduced myself as ‘Li-yah’ again. Some got it. Some didn’t. So I finally gave up. I allowed them to call me how they like to call me. Simple. 

Then my closest friends from college gave me a nickname I’ve grown fond of too. They called me ‘Lei’. My churchmates picked up that name too. But it is only my sister who calls me the shortest name of all, ‘Le’. 

Whatever my name is and however it is pronounced, I still like my names. All of them! Don’t just call me by my full name – Leah Lyn – because that’s the name I am called when my mom’s angry with me. Lol!  🙂

Post in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names 

Photo credit: www.starfindings.com


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