Age is a Stage

The Daily Post of WordPress states, “No matter how you shake it, it happens to all of us: we grow older. As our age changes, so does our perspective. This week, we’re asking you to take a look at those little numbers that often mean so much.”

So, here’s my take on how I perceive those little numbers – our age! In poetry form. 🙂

I thank my Psychology and Family Life and Child Development professors for giving me insights on the stages of human development.


Age is But a Stage

When I was but an infant,

I relied entirely on my parents

When I became a toddler,

I tested the limits of the adults in my life.

When I became a school-age child,

I looked up to my teachers.

When I became a teenager,

I listened more to my peers rather than my parents.

When I first fell in love and met my romantic self,

All my world revolved around my love.

When I entered the workforce,

I learned to play the career game with my boss and co-workers.

When I decided to settle down and get married,

I vowed to build and secure a family.

When I became an adult with elderly parents,

I began to assume their then parental responsibilities.

When I became an elderly myself,

I relied again entirely on my adult child to care for me.

Life is but a cycle. Age is but a stage.

I will come back to where I come from.


This post is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years


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