The Lurker, the Liker and the Scroller

peopleSocial media has its way of categorizing people into groups. Behavior analysis in social media interactions are quite revealing, to say the least. You may know if a person is an introvert or extrovert. You will get to know who your real friends are and who your simple acquaintances are. The degree of your closeness to a person in real life will also reflect in the interactions you have in social media. I must say, not all your FB friends are really your friends in the real sense of the word. I prefer calling them FB ‘contacts’.

The Lurker

So, who are you? Are you more of a lurker, following a person’s news feed silently without even saying hi, hello or liking his or her post?  You may not admit it, but you are interested in that person. You just don’t want him or her to know. Probably, the lurker in you is just brought about by your introverted personality.

The Liker

like buttonOr are you more of a liker? Maybe you are that person who readily clicks on the like button to every single post of the person you are following. You are more vocal than the lurker of your admiration to the person or to the posts he or she is making. You want the other person to know that   you are following her closely. You might even want to develop a closer friendship by liking his or her posts. You, however, aren’t ready to be chatty with the other person.

The Scroller

Or are you the scroller? You like to scan your environment and get the big picture of what’s happening to your contacts. You want to know the headlines, but not the details. You are selective on what information you really want to know. That’s just the only time you stop scrolling and start clicking on the details of the person you are following.

I have a few more categories on people in social media. This might be you.

The Commenter

This group is the more extroverted type of personality. You are the  more outspoken one. You always like to give your two cents worth of opinion. Most likely, you are in close relationship with the person you are giving your comments to, because you do not hesitate to strike a conversation with the person. This is most especially true, if you’ve got a long comment thread!

The Messager

thinkerOr are you the messager? You are a very private person and you don’t want the whole world to know what you and the other person is talking about. You are discreet in your ways and probably a thinker. You think many times over before you make an actual public comment to the person you are following. Otherwise, you opt to make a PM (private message).

Do my observations make sense to you? So, who are you? As for me, I am a bit of everything depending on the person whom I am interacting. Maybe, that’s the bottomline. We behave differently in the  midst of the different circumstances we have with different people. Let’s celebrate our unique ways of relating with people! 🙂






2 thoughts on “The Lurker, the Liker and the Scroller

  1. Absolutely brilliant commentary on the psychology of the blogging world. I admit to being a little of all three.

    The liker since if someone whose blog you like goes to the trouble of offering things to share the least you can do is acknowledge that you’ve seen them.

    The schroller since I think it is important to keep up with those who have given you the courtesy of following your blog and finally the commenter.

    I do love the comment style chat and when I come across something that appeals (such as this post) I’m compelled to jump in. So it seems I may suffer from multi-blogging personality but hey I’m Ok with that.

    Keep up the good work – you often have some lovely insights into things and it is a pleasure to follow this blog.

    • Hi Jenni..:-) It’s always good to read comments from your readers, isn’t it? And yes, it’s ok to be all those personalities. We adjust our behavior to what the situation calls for it. I’m a bit of everything too!

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