My Journalism Days

Stet. Let it stand. To retain material previously cancelled.

stetI learned about Stet long ago during our journalism class when I was yet around Grade 5 or 6. I didn’t know back then that I had it in me to write or become an editor. I couldn’t even remember now how I got into the special Journalism class. All I could recall was when we were having writing exercises, which honed my writing skills. Computers were an alien thing before, so I had to write stories traditionally with a pen and paper – the paper having no lines, so we can practice our handwriting as well.

Then came the litmus test whether my writings will be liked by others. I joined a Regional Writers’ Conference along with my other Journalism classmates from St. Stephen’s High School.  There were a lot of schools in that writing competition and chances of winning are slim considering that there were so many participants.

bugs lifeAwarding came and my name had not been called yet. It was already the third placer being announced. Not my name again. The second placer was called. Not me. Maybe this is not my time to win, I told myself. Then came the first placer. I heard my name to be the winner! I won in the Lathalain (Feature) category. And my winning piece, “Langgam na Ako” (I’m Now an Ant), was acknowledged to be the best among the participants. It talks about an ant who is encouraging a child to be like him who is hardworking.

My writing coach and my other schoolmates were so happy. Of course, I was elated too as I came up the stage to receive my medal. I did my school proud!

book_pagesOf all the achievements I got in school, recognition for my writing abilities was the most treasured. Maybe because I get a different high when I see my thoughts and feelings on paper. On a side note, do you want to know a secret of mine – a weird secret actually, maybe of writers like me? I like the smell of the crisp pages of a book. That gives me another high too. Writings, words, pages, books – all of them are dearest to my heart.

So the next time, I get to see the word Stet again, I will be reminded of my early beginnings as a writer 🙂


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