My Mundane Life Today

My daily life has tremendously changed ever since my husband and I decided I stay home and leave my teaching career for a while. Consider this my LOA (leave of absence). I have had LOAs in the past when I was in college. Twice I stopped school because of some health issues. Twice it pained me to stop doing what I thought I love to do best – being in school.

Now that I’m married, I am more at peace with this LOA. In fact, I’m beginning to love and embrace my new mundane life. Less  stress and less health concerns and less complications to deal with.

celebrateI get to wake up later in the morning. I then cook our dish for lunch. I run errands for my mom and my sis. I do my grocery and bank transactions. I enjoy sipping some hot coffee and delving on a crispy crepe at my favorite restaurant. I get back at home to cook dinner for the family. Then I blog away my thoughts and feelings. I also get to watch my ‘kiligserye’. Best of all, I get to talk with my husband nearly every night. Isn’t this the blissful and blessed life?

Yes, I may not be financially productive these days. But I have more than my share of true wealth – family, friends, good health and a whole lot more blessings from God.

That’s my mundane life today. And I’m surely loving every single minute of it. 🙂



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