food turner1In my years as a single woman, I seldom cook and hold a sianse (kitchen food turner) in my hand. Until I got married. I had to learn how to cook, whether I like it or not, or my husband and I will go hungry. 🙂

The very first few dishes I learned were the easiest ones – fried foods. All I needed was some cooking oil, my sianse and my ever dependable kawali (pan). And voila, there’s our dinner matched with some cucumber salad.

Then I experimented with dishes that require some sauce mixture, such as caldereta and afritada. My caldereta wasn’t a smash hit. The beef cubes needed much more boiling than what I have done. My afritada was much better. I knew this because of the way my husband appreciated its flavor.

While my husband had the opportunity to work out of the country, I, on the other hand had an opportunity to learn more dishes. I was able to hone my cooking skills even more. I began searching for easy-to-do recipes that will ensure my success in cooking. My caldereta improved a lot and I discovered cooking techniques. I perfected a chicken adobo aloha, to which I am very proud of. My chicken tinola can be likened to a Hainanese dish, what with all the ginger I poured into the dish.

All these I did with my sianse. She’s now my best friend in the kitchen. My dishes are waiting for you, honey. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Sianse

  1. I love cooking and have my favorite utensils that regardless of what is required always seem to be the ones I use. It was lovely to hear about your foray into cooking – I was much the same when I started and now I like to experiment with things that take time to prepare with grinding of herbs as well as making my own sauces. Thank you for sharing.

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