A Poem for Ahniemay

HPIM1443She was my DGmate (discipleship group mate) when we were in college. I think she was three or four years younger than I was. But the age gap did not stop us from building a long-lasting friendship. We bonded easily and we were vulnerable enough to open our lives to one another. I wrote this 14 years ago especially for her.



By Leah Lyn E. Albano

You asked for love once in your life

And you got it with open arms.

You asked for happiness in your love

And you got it with open heart.

You thought all will be well

With your love and with your life.

At the forefront, you were abundant

With joy, with laughter, with warmth.

The storms set in, thunders roared.

Your life were clouded with doubts.

Heartaches were near,

Tears were not far away.

The love you once had

Is soon slipping away.

The life you hold dear

IS beginning to shatter into pieces.

In spite of these turmoil,

I know you will emerge

As a victor, as a winner

For your strength lies in Christ.

In Christ and in Christ alone,

You shall rest in true love.

True life you shall experience

When you end searching for human LOVE.

February 3, 2000



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