Lover of My Soul

lover of my soul

At the height of my Christian walk with the Lord was borne out many poems pertaining to my Beloved Christ. His complete work of redemption from sin and eternal damnation makes me ever grateful as I recall His ultimate sacrifice for you and for me.

Here’s one of my poems about the Great I Am.


By Leah Lyn E. Albano

You have been the Lover of my soul
The Redeemer whose grace overflows
The Healer whose hands soothe.

You have been the King of my heart
The Prince of Peace calming my mind
The Rose of Sharon stilling my soul

Never will the enemy snatch me from You
For never will you leave me
And never will you forsake me

Stumble and fall, that’s what I do best
But You have always been a Helper to me
You give me wings like eagles so I can soar on high

Disappointments and pain abound in my life
But You have always been by Source of Joy
You give me a cheerful heart in spite of every tear

You are the Great I AM
The God in whose life I owe
The Lord in whose blood I am redeemed

February 24, 2000


Have you been redeemed by Christ already?


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