The Happiness Challenge

Enough of pain and sadness, let’s shift our eyes on what makes one happy. 🙂 Or for that matter, what makes me happy. My husband actually challenged me to write something about happiness. His topic idea does not surprise me, for he is a naturally happy person. That’s why his happiness has rubbed off on me eventually. I am still a work in progress in savoring happiness everyday but I know I’m getting there.

charlie brownI remember the song “Happiness” from the musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, as I write my own version. The simple joys in life are the true essence of happiness from within.

Yes, these what make me happy.


Happiness is a weekend date with my sister.

A chocnut McDip shared with my mom.

A one-hour Skype time with my husband.

A  car ride with my father.

Happiness is loving each season in life.

The smile of the sun in the morning.

The sound of the drips of the falling rain.

The dried leaves I sweep everyday.

Happiness is keeping old friends.

And making new ones too.

Happiness is singing a song.

And dancing to the music too.


How about you? What makes you happy? 🙂



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Let me know what you're thinking! :-)

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