A Touch of Pain

I remember who I wrote this for. But I will not divulge it here. We both live peaceful lives already. 🙂

friendsThis poem is for all those who were friend-zoned. But I say, there’s hope. You should say thank you to all whom you have crossed paths with, because they will lead you someday to the person the Lord intended for you to have and to hold.

So here goes:


By Leah-lyn E. Albano

You never knew

How much pain you’re causing me.

You just continue on

As if nothing’s happening to me.

Can’t blame you

If you can’t sense

The depth of my love for you,

The depth of the pain I’m feeling.

The thought of wanting you,

Yet knowing that you want

Someone else

Just makes me go crazy inside.

I guess I can never have you.

I think I’ll be left here,

With you gaining her

And with me losing you.

Can’t imagine

How I put up this mask,

Pretending I’m just your friend,

Letting you believe I don’t want you.

You will never know

The pain you’re causing me.

I love you that much,

To let you go and be with her.

May 11, 2001


Yes, that was my teenage emo self!


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