A Faithful Kind of Love

My new acquaintances and friends will not know this about me. I have written a lot of poems in the past, and till this day, I treasure these poems for they speak volumes on how I feel about a certain person, or how I react to life’s circumstances. So I dug up my memoirs, and lo and behold, I found my gems of poetry!

HPIM1453Here’s the first poem I’d like to share with all of you, in keeping with the Valentine season. Surprisingly, I wrote this on February 13, 2002. Wow! That’s 12 years ago already!

So here goes. I hope you will be blessed my dear readers. đŸ™‚



By Leah-lyn E. Albano

I have done so many wrongs.

I have fallen many times over.

Each time I look unto His face,

I see His eyes still lovingly looking back at me.


I made a lot of mistakes.

I have failed Him time and again.

Each time I moved my hand away from Him,

He pulls me back and puts His arms around me.


I nurtured unkind thoughts.

I uttered unkind words.

Each time I hide away from His presence,

He calls me by my name and still lovingly years for me.


Who am I to deserve

This faithful kind of love?

What worth do I have

To receive this love so sweet?


His love is higher than the heavens.

Who can reach its heights?

His love is deeper than the seas.

Who can reach its depths?


I have nothing to give

But my whole life to Him.

Yes, a faithful kind love.

That’s what He has given me.


February 13, 2002


May you all discover and experience God’s faithful kind of love!


Let me know what you're thinking! :-)

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