He’s Back and He’s Here to Stay

welcome home

Last time we Skyped was Saturday. He still didn’t know then when he will come home to the Philippines. We had been waiting for almost three weeks for his exit visa to be processed. It seemed ages as we waited for the day to finally come.

Sunday, he followed up at the office as to the status of his coming home. No luck. He decided to go to the mall to while away his time, then suddenly, he received a call from the office saying he’s gonna fly that night back to the Philippines. His plane ticket awaits him. In a rush, he went back to his accommodation to prepare his stuff. Good thing, most of his baggage was sent through LBC way back last June.

We constantly communicated until he boarded the plane – Malaysia Airlines at that. So I prayed that no harm will befall all the passengers, with the recent events that had happened with that particular airline.

12 noon of Monday, the plane had its touchdown on Philippine soil. Blissful arrival after two long years of being in a foreign land. He was welcomed with a rainy weather, a wonderful respite from the hot temperature in Dubai.

2 pm, he arrived at our house. We were so happy to be finally together again. First hug, first kiss, first meal after a long, long while. It felt so good to be beside the loved one I so missed terribly.

He’s back and he’s here to stay (hopefully), because we still got a baby project going. Pray with us on this will you? We fully trust that God will take care of us here in the Philippines as He did when He took care of us when we were temporarily apart.

All praises to God for being our provider and protector! :-)

Remembering my Wedding Vows

Yes, it’s been 3 years already since I proclaimed my wedding vows to my now-husband Randy. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We may celebrate it apart from each other physically, but we’re still together in our heart and soul.

This is the best time to remember my vows and reminisce how happy that wedding day was.

Here’s  my vow. This is for you, hon. :-) And for those of you who wish to be inspired by a love strengthened by God.




Hon, You know that what we have

Is a quiet kind of love -

A love that has been refined

Through the trials we had along the way.


The strong foundations of our friendship,

Have been the force that held us together

We may have shed tears along the way

But joy has always been deep down in our hearts.


This day, I will marry you, my best friend

You will be the one I will laugh with and cry with

I will go down with you in the depths of sorrow

When someone hurts you.

And I will rise with you in the heights of joy

When you celebrate your victories.


Honey, I will forever be your friend and lover

I will be your companion and helper

Together we will build a family

Whose God is the Lord of Love and Acceptance


I will not promise the heavens in our married life

But I promise, I will remain committed to love you

Not only during moments that we feel happy

But even when loving each other may be difficult.


Pakatandaan mo na pinili ka ng puso ko

Dahil ikaw ay ikaw

Mahal na mahal kita

Kahit pa sabihin ng iba

Na tayo ay nagmula sa magkaibang mundo.

Sa mata ng Panginoon, tayong dalawa

Ay pinagbigkis Niya ngayon upang maging isa.


In our Savior’s eyes, we are God’s best for each other.

I love you.


I Won a Palawan Tour!


Yesterday, I posted a status in my FB account that something good is going to happen to me. Actually, I knew already that I won a Palawan tour good for 2 pax from the Sta. Lucia Mall raffle draw yesterday. I just had to withhold a little because I had to inquire first how to claim the prize.

Turns out, I need to wait for their notice via telegram and attend the awarding of prizes sometime this June or July.

Place will be in El Nido. I just don’t know if the tour includes a trip to the well-talked about Underground River. I hope we go there too.

It was indeed a serendipitous incident when my sister and I found out that I won a Palawan tour. I was at the money exchange having a transaction while my sister was reading posters at the counter. Suddenly, she shouted that my name is on the list of winners of the raffle draw. She thought it was just my namesake, because my married name did not register to her at once. We quickly went to the customer service to inquire but because it was a Sunday, there was no office and no employee to entertain our inquiries.

I am utterly excited. I wanted to bring both my husband and my sister. But I can only bring one companion.

Now, I am on to a game of waiting for that telegram to come. Thank you Lord for this wonderful surprise and blessing. :-) Totoo pala na may nananalo sa raffle. Hehe..

In a Twinkling of An Eye


In a quick blink of my eye, change shall come upon me. In a month’s time, my husband, whom I often talk about here in my blog, will be coming home already. Can you imagine that? Two years of being apart, we shall see the day that we will be together again.

His re-entry in our household will be a breath of fresh air. It will be a blessing to have another male around in the house. I can almost feel his presence hovering around our place.

Sweet reunion. We thank the Lord for keeping him safe and strong these past two years. We thank God for the experience my husband gained from working overseas. Much more, we thank the Lord for our families and friends who kept us sane during the times we were apart.

In a twinkling of an eye, I shall see you face to face my sweetie. And then, I shall give you a tight bear hug! :-)



Photo credit: animegirl45xoxo.deviantart.com

Staying Fit

No, I did not fell ill.  I just had a self-imposed hiatus from blogging. I needed to recharge my physical and emotional brain from all the busyness these past weeks have brought on.

Back from the “hot spring outing” I had two weeks ago, I had to go with my mom and dad to visit our maternal uncle who was confined in a Cavite hospital due to a heart attack. He’s better now I guess.


Then, just yesterday, I had my regular check-up with my cardio doctor. I just had some issues with a fast pulse rate which I have to monitor from hereon, aside from the fact that I have to continue with my maintenance medicines.  I also have to be more disciplined to avoid eating sweets. But it’s just so difficult. I have a sweet tooth!

Oh, the perils of aging! It’s a tough thing to keep oneself young at heart and mind when the body fails from time to time. What motivates me though to keep myself healthy is the promising future I want to see with my husband and family.

So let’s stay fit. We’ll thank ourselves later for doing this. :-)



Photo credit: http://www.washco-ohhealth.org





A Day with the Oldies



Just yesterday, I joined my mom in an outing to Calamba, Laguna. We headed to Pool on the Hill Resort and enjoyed a night of swimming and elderly fun. I don’t know what got into me, but I just felt going to an outing with mostly elderly people will be a unique and enriching experience. It wasn’t bad after all. Let me tell you why.

I get to realize that their life concerns are totally different from mine. While I dream of the future, they reminisce about their past. While I wish to have a baby of my own, they talk about their grandchildren and how they fetch them from school. While those my age are busy with their careers, they spend their time singing in a videoke until 2 am in the morning! While I live at the prime of my life, they talk  of their ailments and maintenance medicines. They enumerate the list of foods that should be avoided because they are unhealthy for them. Which brings me to my next point – it is so uncool to have someone police you of your eating habits. So hanging out with the elderly should not be done on a regular basis. :-) Or you’ll end up eating camote and water only. :-D

I decided to go primarily because I am concerned my mom will slip into the pool if left unguarded. Little did I know that I will get a peek into the world of the elderly. I got to take a look at how I will be 30 years from now.

Maybe someday, my child or grandchild will be the one to accompany me to an outing. And I get to tell them that once I joined my mom and her senior citizen friends into a night of swimming in a hot spring. :-)

Isang Libo’t Isang Biyaya

Sa tuwing magdiriwang ako ng aking kaarawan, may halong lungkot at tuwa ang aking nadarama. Ngunit sa taong ito, pawang mga bagay na makapagpapangiti sa aking puso ang aking nadama.

Marahil ang pagbabago sa aking damdamin ay dulot din ng pagtanda. Mas may lalim at lawak na ang aking mga pananaw. Mas alam ko na kung ano ang mga dapat pahalagahan sa buhay na ito. Mas batid ko na ang mga hindi dapat pagtuunan ng pansin dahil ang mga ito ay makasisira lang sa aking buhay.

Pamilya at mga kaibigan. Sila ang nagpapasaya sa akin ngayon. Ang magsalu-salo at magbahagi ng mga kuwento sa buhay ng isa’t isa – ang mga ito ang nagbibigay-lukso sa aking puso. Sila ang dahilan kung bakit ako nagpapatuloy sa buhay na ito.

Sa lahat ng mga nakaalala sa aking kaarawan ngayon, maraming salamat. Isa kayo sa isang libo’t isang biyaya na natanggap ko mula sa Panginoon.

The Lord Gives, The Lord Takes Away


Right this very minute, I am soaking myself in God’s Word by way of listening to Don Moen’s timeless music. That’s what I do when I am feeling a bit of tired and worn out. Music that soothes. Music that heals.

I just came from a whole day activity wherein I accompanied my mom to her new work as a consultant. Long drives now tire me out. But as I see it, this will become a common thing for me in the coming months wherein I will be my mom’s PA (personal assistant), a self-proclaimed position title I invented for myself.  :-)

HPIM1542Good thing, I was also with my sister this day. She waited with me until my mom’s meeting ended. We had another round of early birthday celebration at a Chinese restaurant eating a variety of dimsum. To remove the aftertaste of the Chinese delicacies, we tried Jollibee’s creamy chocolate and strawberry shake. Our cravings were satisfied.

After my mom’s meeting, we headed to the wake of my high school P.E., Health and Music Teacher. She passed on to the next life at age 55. This made me realize too that my mom’s and dad’s lives are a bonus already from the Lord. I uttered too that I am not yet ready to lose my parents. I guess no one is ever ready for this.

This day taught me one lesson. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. God gave my mom a new beginning after her retirement. God took away one of His child to be with Him in heaven. We are not to question God’s timing in one’s life. We are only here to welcome and embrace the will of God in our lives.

God bless everyone! Stay happy amidst the giving and taking away. :-)


Transformed Me

Exactly two years ago, I decided to leave the school where I am working back then due to family and health reasons. Time passed by swiftly. I did not notice that my life has changed into another season and of another color and dimension.


That time, my husband also left for Dubai to work. I moved in back to my parents’ house for convenience and security reasons as well. I am not a person with great adjustment skills, so at the start of the changes that happened to my life, I was sleeping my way through the days that pass by. I slept more than the usual dose just to drown the loneliness I feel being apart from my husband. I was usually left alone at home and the isolation I felt seemed to be shouting at me everyday.

Then tragedy happened in 2013. My mom had a car accident. She decided to retire from her work in school. Yet another change happened to me. I suddenly had company at home. But more than that, I had someone to care for until she got on her feet again and started to walk again.

I felt that those two years transformed me in many ways. I began to be more comfortable with the idea of the rest that the Lord has promised me. I learned how to humbly serve my family and I became more tolerable with their unique personalities and idiosyncracies. I learned how to be more domesticated and I say this, with all positivity and pride. I took up blogging as a hobby and as a tool to inspire people.  I even became more vocal about my love for my husband though the blogs that I share. God has indeed a special way of using my time apart with my hubby to prune me and let me grow in the different areas in my life.

I’m picking up the pieces again. I’m in a different ball game now. I’m walking the road less travelled, so to speak. But I’m deeply enjoying the journey. I don’t know if I’ll be back with my career. But for now, I’ll savor every minute of the many surprises that life brings me.

Two years has passed. I feel as though I am entering a new season in my life again. Few months from now, my husband is coming home already. I can’t wait to be with him all over again. He will be meeting a newer, better version of me and I hope he’ll love me even more for it.

Change is good. I thank the Lord for the changes He’s brought into my life. May you also be sensitive to what the Lord has been doing in your life. God bless everyone! :-)


Love (not) at First Sight

“What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?” And the Daily Post Challenge (He’s (She’s) So Fine) continues to prod me on.

If you’ve been a reader and follower of my blog, you would know by now how I met my husband. In a gist, for those who just got here – we were both church volunteers, he, a Logistics guy; me, a Sunday School teacher. You may read our love story here in this link.

But what was it that really drew me to him. Hmm, let me think for a moment. Because as you all know, it was not love at first sight. He grew into me.


Maybe it was because of his quiet countenance of serving the Lord with all humility. No church task seemed to be too small for him to do. Maybe it was his total abandonment of how others might perceive him when he picked up that guitar and tried his best to accompany the worship leader. He would just laugh it all off even when the guitar stint failed. Maybe it was his positive energy that rubbed on my then pessimistic self.  Maybe it was his charm when he seems to be friends with everyone and when he always sees the good in people.

I was drawn to him not by his looks. Don’t get me wrong. My husband is the most handsome to me. But his heart is more beautiful. I am so glad it was not love at first sight. Because my eyes saw beyond the superficiality and discovered what is most important – his great love for the Lord.


Photo credit: Kimberly Chan Hung and Gary Albano